About Vivianne Hiriart

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Vivianne Hiriart R is a seasoned moderator and analyst with over 14 years of experience with projects that involve the Hispanic population in the US and different Latin American countries.

She has moderated over 800 focus groups and interviews, as well as a vast number of in-home ethnographies, shop-alongs, online communities, and workshops. She has written and presented dozens of reports in English and Spanish.

Along her career, Vivianne has interviewed people from very different backgrounds: Mexican state secretaries, CEO’s in the US and Mexico, physicians, patients with complex diseases, insurance agents, inmates in France at a penitentiary hospital, earthquake survivors in Haiti, advocates to end Female Genital Cutting in Senegal, bartenders in Canada, moms, housewives, mechanics and young adults who enjoy having a beer with their friends.

When Vivianne does qualitative research, her diverse professional background is what makes the difference. Vivianne is a psychologist, educator, communicator, writer and a woman who has dedicated her entire professional life to understand why people do what they do, the implications of that, and what elements they need to make decisions that are satisfying for them.

Vivianne studied psychology in Mexico City and earned a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling in Paris, France. She was a columnist for newspapers, radio and TV shows in Mexico for 15 years. She has also been a workshop facilitator and speaker with tweens, teens, parents and teachers, as well as journalists and other professionals for 20 years. She is the proud author of nine books.

A person who has lived in different countries, experienced different cultures, and speaks English, Spanish and French, Vivianne is sensitive to how culture, context and personal situations influence people’s reality, the way they understand it and what they do about it.

Vivianne's experience writing and speaking about population, gender, reproductive health and human rights paired with her experience with the United Nations Population Fund and The Population Institute also make her the perfect partner for social marketing projects. Her instruction in Communication for Behavioral Impact adds additional value.

No matter the field she works in, Vivianne looks to deeply understand the people she is talking with to go beyond what they're saying to uncover the implications this might have for the project questions and interests.

As she always says, "it has to be meaningful and actionable."