Client Testimonials

Working with Vivianne was seamless and a pleasure. She was highly responsive, flexible and capable to meet our research needs in a short time frame. Her understanding of cultural nuances of Hispanic-American consumers and ability to connect with them yielded excellent insights. We look forward to working with her in the future.
— Private Equity Firm
Vivianne has a way of getting focus group participants to elaborate upon and deepen their insights and opinions. Vivianne’s facilitation generated thoughtful discussions that contributed greatly to our organization’s strategic messaging.
— Karen Alden, Founder/CEO, Good2Know Network
Vivianne provided generous support and dedication to our research project. Her design experience and organizational skills really made a difference in how everyone felt; she made it very conformable and informative. Her advice and generous assistance were invaluable during the process. We look forward to doing business with her again soon.
— Jaime Cordova, Cardenas Markets LLC
It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Vivianne Hiriart. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely any team. My experience working with her was excellent. She has impeccable qualitative research skills (moderating and analyzing). I defined her as a business partner and strategic consultant; she always provides relevant insights and strategic recommendations.
— Erika Hernández, Consumer Insight Manager, Sanofi Mexico
I have had the pleasure of working with Vivianne on several projects over the past 3 1/2 years. I admire her professionalism, intelligence, genuine warmth and good humor. Her background in psychology, journalism and education is a tremendous asset to who she is and how she works. I am always impressed with the way she connects with participants, the cultural context she provides which adds richness to the primary research, and the keen insights she draws from it all. I truly value our partnership and can’t speak highly enough about Vivianne.
— Marc Engel, Founder & President, Engel Research Partners, LLC
Vivianne is an accomplished moderator on both online and in-person studies. I have worked with Vivianne on projects with both acculturated and un-acculturated Hispanic participants and every time she consistently delivers a warm approach and collaborative spirit. Her diligence and analytic skills are always in evidence and a great help to client teams (and co-moderators!).
— Katrina Noelle, KNow Research
With Vivianne I had one of my greatest experiences in Qualitative Advertising Research, with an actual co-creation of stimuli during the sessions, which made my client very impressed and generated a super cool report with videos, straightforward analysis and actionable recos. Vivianne has this ability to make things happen.
— Adriana Soares de Castro, Research & Insight Team Lead, Ipsos